Why I Don't Do Knotless

I can feel the backlash and I haven't even started writing yet, lol. I'm about to step on some toes and likely upset some folks. But its time to have this conversation out in the open. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A KNOTLESS CROCHET BRAID. You may not see the knots, but they are there if you are getting Crochet Braids. The knots are just being concealed, in many cases, under a ton of thick textured or curly hair. Yes, you've seen hundreds of pictures and videos online of people using various techniques. I even have a video on YouTube showing my own "knotless" technique. But the knots are certainly there, no matter how you slice and dice it. And unfortunately, this trend is ruining the sim

Medicated Hair Loss

You ever watch a commercial about medicine? The side effects listed are sometimes longer than the commercial itself. Medication can heal but it can also cause a new list of problems including hair loss. As women, we use so many damaging techniques to style our hair, that we often overlook the possibility that medication could be causing hair loss and thinning. Unfortunately, we put the blame on products we've used, our hairstylist or the techniques they used. But did you know that common everyday medications, prescribed by your doctor could be the very thing causing your hair breakage? Before getting a protective style of any kind, including Crochet Braids, be sure to take a look at the me

Sweat Friendly Styles

We want our protective styles to be pleasing to the eye but functional for our everyday lives. If you work out in the gym or simply sweat in your head a lot, you'll want to find a Crochet Braid texture that suits your needs. Here are some of my favorite, time tested, sweat friendly textures: Soft Dread Soft Dread is made by several brands including Freetress Equal, Afri Naptural, Beshe, Biba, Kima and many others. It comes in many different colors. I'm wearing it here in color 350. This hair is perfect for those who want to maintain their curls for 8 weeks without much effort. It does not require much maintenance at all. Very little product is needed and it soaks up sweat without any c

Are you auditioning for Lion King?

Do your Crochet Braids make you feel like Mufasa from the Lion King? Does it feel like Diana Ross and Chaka Khan birthed your hairdo? Did somebody put 6 packs of hair on your head? Lol, if the answer to any of these questions is Yes...then you MIGHT be wearing too much hair. Big Hair Don't Care is all well and good, until its your head that's lost in the synthetic jungle. One of the most common mistakes made with Crochet Braid Installations is Spacing and Sizing. It took me a year to figure that out for myself, when I first started doing my own Crochet Braids several years ago. True story....my first Crochet Braid installation looked almost identical to Mufasa. I installed 5 packs of Gog

Who You Foolin?

Crochet Braids and most protective styles spoil us into forgetting about our natural hair underneath. I'm guilty of neglecting my own hair when I'm wearing Crochet Braids. Its easy to just get up and go. That whole, "shake and go" thing becomes a part of your everyday lifestyle. Meanwhile, your natural hair is saying..."hey, what about me?" (picture of me with my natural hair). The fact is, protective styles are meant to PROTECT our hair....not REPLACE it. I have seen firsthand, that neglecting your own hair will eventually lead to the inability to even wear a protective style. If there's nothing to attach the hair to, then Crochet Braids will be a fleeting option. So, having said tha

Loose Knots? Say it ain't so...

Crochet Braids are popular because they are relatively easy to do on one's self. That's how I started....on my very own head. But often, people shy away from Crochet Braids because they have seen the results of beginner's handywork and its often the loose knots that send people running. The most common mistake people make with Crochet Braid installations is using a simple knot as opposed to a loop knot. For me, this knotting technique is the reason I'm in business today. Without it, my Crochet Braids would not stay secured. Here is my step-by-step process to secure Crochet Knots: 1. Slide the latch hook under the cornrow. 2. Attach the hair extension. 3. Close the latch. 4. Slide the hook

Maintaining Crochet Braids

I don't think a day goes by without someone asking me what products are best for Crochet Braids. And my answer is always the same....oil based products work best for avoiding tangles and matting. BUT, be careful not to use product too often. Too much product will overcoat the hair and cause it to eventually dry out. My advice is to use oil based products on the hair 2-3 time each week and re-wet with a water spray bottle on the off days in between. Also, it is very important that the hair is moisturized PRIOR to installation. If your stylist isn't doing this already, you'll know after the first installation because it will immediately become tangled even while its being installed. If yo

Can You Wash Crochet Braids?

Yes! Yes, Crochet Braids can be washed and you can swim in them. But first, let's determine which type of Crochet Braids you are wearing. Most synthetic hair is made from fibers of Kanekalon, Toyokalon or a combination of them both. These fibers are manufactured with heat and processed to produce the desired curl pattern. Depending on HOW you wash this hair, determines how it will look afterwards. FOR WASHING, avoid using hot water. Keep in mind that boiling hot water is used to set curls in synthetic hair. IF it is washed in hot water, the hair will set in the agitated state in which it was washed, causing tangles and matting. FOR SWIMMING, be aware of what sea water can do to rough t

Human Hair Crochet Braids?

Most Crochet Braid styles are created with synthetic hair. But many people want to know if they can use human hair. And the answer to that question is Yes. Yes, you can use human hair for Crochet Braids. But..... The problem with using human hair is that it is not dense enough to hold the knots required to secure Crochet Braids. Human hair is very soft and will be come even softer when moisturized or becomes wet. The knots will loosen very easily and slip out. Some stylists use nail glue to secure the knots on human hair. I don't find that practice to be safe or practical, especially when you factor in the cost of human hair. Either way, we are essentially putting a knot in the hair an

How to Avoid Tangles

Crochet Braids generally do not require much maintenance. But some people find themselves with dry matted hair and tangles. The most practical way to avoid tangles is to moisturize the hair and keep it covered with a snug fitted cap while sleeping. Sleeping and lounging without a cap can cause a variety of issues because the Crochet Braids will come in contact with other synthetic fibers that can cause it to fray. So my first rule of thumb, is always use a cap. I don't prefer the loose bonnet caps because they allow the hair to move around while sleeping. A snug fitted spandex cap works well, but some people find it uncomfortable. No matter your preference, a snug fitted cap will help y

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