A non-refundable $50 deposit is REQUIRED to book an appointment. The deposit is completely seperate from the styling fee.  It is used to hold the time slot on the calendar, cover travel expenses and pay for the hair chosen for the style. If the hair you choose costs more than $25, an additional fee will be charged.  If you choose to bring your own hair to the appointment, the deposit is still required, however, the installation fee will be modified at the time of the appointment. The deposit is non-refundable. After the appointment deposit is submitted for payment, a confirmation text or phone call from Twana will follow. PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER FOR FOLLOW UP.

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  • No shows are not rebooked.  If a client does not show up for a scheduled appointment, does not call or contact me, I will not rebook them on my calendar.  Two consecutive missed appointments (cancellations/reschedulings) will result in a termination of services.

    • The deposit is non-refundable. The deposit is not included in the styling fee.  It is used to purchase the hair for the style, cover travel expenses and hold the appointment on the calendar.  If the hair costs more than $25, an additional fee will be charged.


    • If the appointment is cancelled, the deposit will be forfeited along with the hair that was purchased.


    • All appointments must be confirmed with a text or phone call from Twana.  The appointment is not confirmed until you recieve communication from Twana.  


    • If you need to reschedule, please contact Twana as soon as possible by calling 571-201-7190.


    • Clients should have their hair freshly washed (at least within 24 hours) and detangled for braiding prior to the appointment.  Please feel free to moisturize. I prefer to braid the hair in its kinkiest state.  Please do not feel the need to blow dry your hair bone straight for me.  I prefer to braid it as close to kinky as possible.