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Kima Ripple Deep
One of the most popular among my clientele. Soft and natural looking. It comes in 8", 14" and 20" and more than a dozen color options.
Kima Brazilian Twist
This crochet hair offers great curl definition and is made from kanekalon and toyokalon fibers. It's a kinky curly pattern without the dryness. For styles shoulder length and shorter, 3 packs (cut in half) are suggested.
Kima Ocean Wave
A favorite among my clients! Soft, easy to maintain and long lasting. It comes in 8", 14" and 20" and more than a dozen color options.
Freetress Beach Curl
Great quality and long lasting. Easy to manage. 3 packs cut in half for shoulder length styles or shorter.
Grande Nomadik Twists
Durable and long lasting. Get the look of kinky twists in half the time. Pre-looped and pre-twisted.
Freetress Water Wave
Soft, fluffy curls with just a touch of sheen. 12" length falls just below the shoulders. Easy to manage like a jheri curl.
Kima Wind Wave
Great look for the corporate woman. Loose, fluffy curls and a variety of colors to choose from. 8" length
Freetress Natural Deep
A great option for those who love the wet n wavy look. 10" length. Great care-free look for beach time.
Zury Goddess Faux Locs 26"
The Zury Synthetic Crochet Braiding Hair Goddess Braid Deep Curl 26" is a straight uniform loc with deep curls at the ends. This protective style is quick and easy to install, thanks to the pre-loop at the top of each piece. I suggest 8 packs for this installation.
Freetress Ringlet Wand Curl
Get the look of a natural textured rollerset. Loose, fluffy curls with a dry, matte finish.
Nala Tress Nomadik Twists
Get the look of Spring Twists without the hours and hours of sitting and twisting. These come prelooped for easy crochet installation and pre-twisted in a variety of colors. Long, 20" length for these.
Bobbi Boss Nu Locs
No maintenance required. Easy pre-loop installation. Lasts two months and has a natural looking texture. 6 packs recommended.
Afri Naptural Bounce Curlon
The look of a natural twist out with plenty of bounce and fluff. Volume for weeks and natural finish to match your new growth.
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