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Shopping for Crochet Hair

I know, I know....Your appointment is coming up and you don't know where to begin looking for the hair you need for your style. Well before you run from store to store, and possibly buying the wrong thing...follow the suggested guidelines that you may find helpful. As of August 2022, Crochet Braids by Twana is no longer providing hair.

  1. Talk with your Stylist before purchasing the hair. Send the stylist a picture of your desired style and ask which hair and how many packs you'll need.

  2. Shop online! There are dozens of online beauty supply retailers. Start with Google and do a search for the brand and name of the hair. Some of my favorite online beauty retailers include,,, and And believe it or not, Amazon is a great place to buy hair, especially Faux Locs, Twists and Box Braids.

  3. When purchasing hair on Amazon, in many cases, the retailer will include enough bundles to complete a style. Be sure to read the description before purchasing.

  4. If you are planning to wear a style with twists or box braids, be sure that the hair is PRETWISTED or PREBRAIDED. Pretwisted and Prebraided hair will save you HOURS in the style chair. It generally takes 2 hours to install this type of hair, as opposed to hair that has to be braided or twisted, which can take up to 8 hours in many cases.

  5. Do not always trust the reviews on synthetic hair. In many cases, folks are doing their own hair at home and not familiar with the various methods used by professionals to treat the hair, such as moisturizing prior to installation.

  6. Crochet hair in the package generally appears darker, than it will after its been installed. So if the color seems too vibrant, keep in mind that it will be lighter once installed because the density is spread out across the head.

  7. Crochet hair may seem dry in the package. Please keep in mind that it can be moisturized and oiled to alleviate dryness. DO NOT disregard the hair because it feels dry in the package. Lighter colors such as blonde and grey tend to be dry regardless of pre-treatment.

  8. The color/number system for Crochet hair varies depending on the brand. Darker colors like 1 or 1B, are black. Color 2 is a very dark brown, almost black. Color 4 is brown. As the numbers go higher, the color goes lighter. But colors like 1B/27 or 1B/30 can be mixed colors or darker colors with highlights. It really just depends on the brand. Do your research before purchasing.

  9. Local beauty supply stores do not all carry the same things. Do not wait until a few days before your appointment to "see what they have". It can often lead to disappointment and frustration.

  10. Do not just purchase what is cheapest, just because its affordable. On average, Crochet hair costs anywhere from $4.99 to $12.99 per package, depending on brand and what you're getting. Just because the package says 2x or 3x, DO NOT BE FOOLED. It does not mean that there's double or triple quantity in the package.

Also, just because the package says Crochet on it, does not mean your stylist will use it. Some things are just poor quality and not worth it. Check with your stylist before purchasing anything you're unsure of. And if you're doing your own hair, trust the process. Sometimes its just a matter of trial and error.

If you are a client of mine or plan to be, I am always happy to advise you on what to purchase and where you might be able to find it. The Supply Chain Crisis has affected the beauty industry in a big way and there are lots of retailers selling limited inventory. That makes it sometimes difficult to find things. We can work together to find what's accessible and convenient for your budget.

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