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Styles created by Crochet Braids by Twana

Crochet Braids are hair extensions tied to a cornrow base.  They are as versatile as any other protective style available.  The benefits include access to the scalp, no chemicals, no thread, and less tension on the hair follicle and scalp.  Crochet Braids can be worn in myriad of textures, colors and lengths without the commitment of altering your own natural hair in any way. Most lovers of this protective style will tell you that their hair is much healthier after wearing Crochet Braids on an ongoing basis.

Close up cosmetic beauty portrait of afr

Braids, Locs & Twists


Curly Crochet Styles


Wavy Crochet Styles

Black beautiful woman with long luxuriou

Straight Crochet Styles


Kids Crochet Styles

Portrait of a cheerful African American

Short Crochet Styles


Styles with Color

Macro photo of women dark hairs.jpg

Grey Crochet Styles

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