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How to Avoid Tangles

Crochet Braids generally do not require much maintenance. But some people find themselves with dry matted hair and tangles. The most practical way to avoid tangles is to moisturize the hair and keep it covered with a snug fitted cap while sleeping.

Sleeping and lounging without a cap can cause a variety of issues because the Crochet Braids will come in contact with other synthetic fibers that can cause it to fray. So my first rule of thumb, is always use a cap. I don't prefer the loose bonnet caps because they allow the hair to move around while sleeping. A snug fitted spandex cap works well, but some people find it uncomfortable.

No matter your preference, a snug fitted cap will help you avoid tangles which eventually leads to matting.

Be aware of sitting back on the hair while sitting, especially for shoulder length styles and longer. The ends will become entangled with clothes and upholstery very easily.

Also, you'll want to keep the hair moisturized with oil based products. Oil moisturizers work best. Avoid mousse and alcohol based products because they can dry out the hair. Also, avoid using product on the hair every single day. Eventually, the hair will become oversaturated and not soak in the excess products.

In summary, here's how to maintain your Crochet Braids for at least 6 weeks:

1. Use oil based moisturizers on the hair prior to installation and while wearing the hair.

2. Do not use product on the hair every single day. 2-3 times per week is recommended.

3. On the days when you're not adding product, re-wet the product that's already in the hair with water.

4. Wear a snug fitted cap over the hair while sleeping.

5. Avoid sitting back on the hair while sitting and driving. The ends will become ratty if entangled consistently.

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