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Loose Knots? Say it ain't so...

Crochet Braids are popular because they are relatively easy to do on one's self. That's how I started....on my very own head. But often, people shy away from Crochet Braids because they have seen the results of beginner's handywork and its often the loose knots that send people running.

The most common mistake people make with Crochet Braid installations is using a simple knot as opposed to a loop knot. For me, this knotting technique is the reason I'm in business today. Without it, my Crochet Braids would not stay secured.

Here is my step-by-step process to secure Crochet Knots:

1. Slide the latch hook under the cornrow.

2. Attach the hair extension.

3. Close the latch.

4. Slide the hook back under the cornrow.

5. Remove the extension from the latch hook and form a loop.

6. Pull the end of the extension through the loop, twist the loop and repeat 3 times.

7. Secure the loop knot with a thin strand reinforcement tie down.

Now, of course this method is not for every type of installation. If you are using pre-twisted, pre-braided or thick pieces of coarse hair like Marley hair, the process is much more simple and the reinforcement is not required. Hope this information helps!

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