Marley Hair Alternatives

Crochet Braids have been around for decades. But in the last five years, the trend has gained a lot of popularity. One of the biggest reasons is Marley Hair. Because so many people are natural now, there's a huge demand for dry curl patterns with a matte finish that reflect our own natural texture. Marley Hair Roller Sets were all the rage two and three years ago. But the process of curling the hair in boiling hot water can be a dangerous one and tedious for those who don't want the maintenance.

Synthetic hair manufacturers have released an entire cachet of alternatives to the roller set process, with various curl patterns to boot. Here are some great options for those who want the look of a natural hair roller set without the work!

Curlkalon Hair Collection - Four different curl patterns to choose from, various colors and lengths. These cost anywhere from $13.99 - $19.99 per pack and you'll need anywhere from 4-6 packs depending on the curl pattern you choose. The pieces come boxed and pre-sized, so there's no need to cut anything in pre-installation. The company website offers advice on braid patterns.

Freetress Wand Curl Collection - Two different curl patterns and dozens of colors to choose from. These run $8 - $9 per pack. No more than 8 cornrows is necessary for a complete. 6 packs is all that is needed.