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Human Hair Crochet Braids?

Most Crochet Braid styles are created with synthetic hair. But many people want to know if they can use human hair. And the answer to that question is Yes. Yes, you can use human hair for Crochet Braids. But.....

The problem with using human hair is that it is not dense enough to hold the knots required to secure Crochet Braids. Human hair is very soft and will be come even softer when moisturized or becomes wet. The knots will loosen very easily and slip out.

Some stylists use nail glue to secure the knots on human hair. I don't find that practice to be safe or practical, especially when you factor in the cost of human hair. Either way, we are essentially putting a knot in the hair and it cannot be reused. If human hair is a must have, it might be better to use a different protective styling technique such as micro braids, sew-in weaves or tree braids.

In my opinion, synthetic hair is much better suited for Crochet Braids. Its cost effective, more dense and lasts longer than human hair when its properly maintained.

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