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Are you auditioning for Lion King?

Do your Crochet Braids make you feel like Mufasa from the Lion King? Does it feel like Diana Ross and Chaka Khan birthed your hairdo? Did somebody put 6 packs of hair on your head?

Lol, if the answer to any of these questions is Yes...then you MIGHT be wearing too much hair. Big Hair Don't Care is all well and good, until its your head that's lost in the synthetic jungle.

One of the most common mistakes made with Crochet Braid Installations is Spacing and Sizing. It took me a year to figure that out for myself, when I first started doing my own Crochet Braids several years ago. True first Crochet Braid installation looked almost identical to Mufasa. I installed 5 packs of Gogo Curl in color 30. Went shopping at the mall and half of it was on the floor trailing me before I got back to my car. LOL, a mess!

But seriously, the reason people wind up putting too much hair in their installations is because of several factors.

1. Too many cornrows

If you have 22 cornrows, you'll likely add hair to each and every one of them and you'll end up with way more hair than you bargained for. Generally, anywhere between 8-12 cornrows will work depending on the style.

2. Spacing Too Close

Its just not necessary to have each extension right next to each other. Especially on the lower half of the head where no one will see it. Space out the extensions in the crown section of the head. Place them closer together along the perimeter where its more visible.

3. Extension Sizing

Using big chunks of hair can lead to complications of all sorts. You'll find yourself going through more packs of hair than necessary. On average, it should take only 3 packs of hair (cut in half) to complete a basic shoulder length style. (Used to be 2 packs but the manufacturers have started putting less and less in each pack over the years). My rule of thumb is to use thin strands, the size of a microbraid.

Now of course, none of these rules apply if you're going for a full, voluminous look. Textures like Marley Hair are not meant to be sleek. So, avoid course textures if you don't like volume. Curly hair will generally have some volume to it as well.

DISCLAIMER: First time Crochet Braid wearers tend to ALWAYS feel their hair is too full for their first installation. It never fails. Especially someone who normally doesn't wear weaves or braids. It doesn't matter how many packs of hair was used. If it's your first time wearing Crochet Braids, you may feel like Mufasa, no matter what. Do yourself and your stylist a favor.... give yourself at least 24 hours before making a complaint or taking it out. Sleep on the hair. Literally lay your head on a pillow and rest your head on the hair. It will likely lose volume by the next day. But you'll never know, if you don't give it at least 24 hours to settle. And please, please, please...wear a snug fitted cap over the hair when sleeping. That will not only subside the volume, but it will also keep the hair from tangling.

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