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Why I Don't Do Knotless

I can feel the backlash and I haven't even started writing yet, lol. I'm about to step on some toes and likely upset some folks. But its time to have this conversation out in the open.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A KNOTLESS CROCHET BRAID. You may not see the knots, but they are there if you are getting Crochet Braids. The knots are just being concealed, in many cases, under a ton of thick textured or curly hair. Yes, you've seen hundreds of pictures and videos online of people using various techniques. I even have a video on YouTube showing my own "knotless" technique. But the knots are certainly there, no matter how you slice and dice it. And unfortunately, this trend is ruining the simplicity of Crochet Braids.

I get it. People don't want the knots to be visible. I personally don't mind, as long as its done neatly and not in an overt and obvious fashion. The killer is not the knot, ( lol,....not the knot...), the killer is the visible, extra wide part that shows all your business. I don't care what you do, knotless or otherwise, if your style is parted in an overt and obvious fashion, it will kill your entire style. What's the point of exposing an extra wide part just to NOT show the KNOTS? The closeups....oh lawd...if I see another close up pic of a 1 inch wide part just to prove its "knotless". Jesus Take The Wheel!

If you have seen my work, then you have definitely seen my knots. All of the pics posted in this article and on my website show my knots. I'm not going to post examples of a knotless style because there are millions of them online. And I'm not knocking stylists who prefer to do this method. Make your money girlfriend! The knotless technique is in high demand and I say give the people what they want. But I'm also quick to say that I'm not the stylist for you if you're asking for:

"A knotless, braidless human hair crochet with a vixen braid pattern"

That actually happened. Someone called me and made that request. I still cringe at the thought, lol.

I will say No, I don't offer that service. Why? Because it gives people an unrealistic expectation. Crochet Braids are not seamless like a hair weave. I have people tell me they want it to look like a sew-in. Wouldn't you prefer that it just look neat and contained? I tell people that I conceal the parts and that's exactly what I do. I don't post up close pics of the parts in my styles because I don't leave them exposed to begin with. Give the people coverage and they'll forget about the knots. Just my take.....thanks for reading...

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