"I want hair that dosen't tangle!" .... is absolutely THE most common request among my clients and people inquiring about Crochet Braids.

My response: "All hair tangles, period."

Human hair tangles. Synthetic hair tangles. Nose hair tangles. Dogs, cats, horse hair tangles. If its hair, it will tangle. When it graduated high school, Hair was voted "Most Likely To Tangle"!

Yes, there are methods to detangle and prevent tangles.

Here are my top 10.

1. Apply oil based products, like curl activator or oil moisturizers. (product blog coming soon)

2. Use detangling sprays.

3. Finger comb with oiled hands.

4. Sleep with a snug fit spandex cap that prevents the hair from moving around.

5. Some people like to braid up their extensions into two plaits at night to avoid tangling.

6. Try pulling up the extensions into a pineapple wrap.

7. Go for short cropped styles like a bob or pixie cut.

8. Avoid oversaturating the hair with products. That causes clumping which leads to tangles.

9. Sleep on a satin pillowcase.