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Oil Products for Maintenance

Curl activator was a must-have back in the day. Whether you had a Jheri Curl or rocked a natural, oil based products helped to keep your hairdo "outta sight"!

Today, those products are still around and they are perfect for maintaining Crochet Braids. Oil based products do wonders for synthetic hair. And no worries, you won't be leaving any grease stains on the back of anyone's chair! Dry hair soaks up the oil and helps to prolong the life of your style.

Here are some of the products I keep in my arsenal.

S Curl No Drip Curl Activator & Moisturizer

Sta Sof Fro Hair & Scalp Spray

Right On Curl Activator

World of Curls

Carefree Curls

These products generally cost under $5. A little goes a long way, so there's no need to apply more than 3 or for times each week. Be sure to spray between your braids and in the back along the neckline. Work the products in with your fingers....and "just let your soul glo!"

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