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Sweat Friendly Styles

We want our protective styles to be pleasing to the eye but functional for our everyday lives. If you work out in the gym or simply sweat in your head a lot, you'll want to find a Crochet Braid texture that suits your needs.

Here are some of my favorite, time tested, sweat friendly textures:

Soft Dread

Soft Dread is made by several brands including Freetress Equal, Afri Naptural, Beshe, Biba, Kima and many others. It comes in many different colors. I'm wearing it here in color 350. This hair is perfect for those who want to maintain their curls for 8 weeks without much effort. It does not require much maintenance at all. Very little product is needed and it soaks up sweat without any changes to the hair, whatsoever. My clients have heard me say many times, you could run a truck over Soft Dread and it will still look the same. I generally use 2-3 packs (cut in half) of Soft Dread for a basic installation, depending on the brand. In the pack, it appears to be a silky dreadlock, but once unraveled, it turns into beautiful spiral curls.

Tango Curl by Freetress

Tango Curl is a tight spiral curl pattern and it gives the look of a straw set. Back in my relaxed hair days, I'd sit for an entire day to get this look. With the magic of Crochet Braids, you can look like you have a fresh straw set for about 8 weeks. Just a little bit of oil sheen a few times per week and you're good to go with this hair. I generally use 3-4 packs (cut in half) for a basic installation. It is is becoming harder and harder to find though. Only a few select stores in my area still carry it. But its definitely worth seeking out because its pretty, functional and practical.

Twists & Braids

No matter the brand, Senegalese Twists and Box Braids for Crochet styles are the most effective when it comes to style retention. The most dense, thin strands last longest and require absolutely no maintenance whatsoever. You literally, just wear the hair. I don't even think a cap for sleeping is necessary when wearing Senegalese Twist type styles. Perfect for swimming, vacation and working out in the gym. Depending on the brand, you may need up to 8 packs of this hair for a full installation. The strands are thin and you're installing it full length, so that's mainly the reason for so many packs. I prefer the ones that allow you to just tie them on instead of installing from the loop. (I'll have another entire blog post about that soon).

Short Curly Styles

No matter the brand, you can't go wrong with a short curly style. It is easy to maintain, generally looks good whether its frizzy or not. As long as it has a shape, a short curly Crochet Braid style will give you functionality and style. You can sweat it in and it will still look good. I love Beshe's Jerry Curl texture in the photo below. Also, Freetress Bohemian & Water Wave are class favorites along with Two Jerry by Biba, Jerry Pony by Mystikal and Bobbi Boss Dual Braid Water Wave. If you use these textures and give them a nice short cut in a bob or pixie, it will last you up to 8 weeks. A little leave-in conditioner or an oil based product are all you need. Don't forget the spandex cap for sleeping!

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