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Crochet Conundrum

Over the years, I've had people contact me and say they're tired of seeing their Momma or their co-worker with her hair pulled back in a bun. They want to gift her with a Crochet style. And I usually respond that Crochet Braids may not be for them. They make the appointment anyway. And then the poor client is sitting there horrified when I'm done because they feel like the Lion King.....Listen, Crochet Braids have volume. Even if a style "dosen't look big in the picture", it is usually more dense in 3D. From my experience, people who complain about volume usually wear their hair in sleek, flat, pulled back styles...relaxed, blown out, cornrows, straight wigs, ponytails and human hair. Crochet Braids can be an adjustment for folks who rarely wear volume, no matter which Crochet hair you use. #crochetbraids #crochetbraidshavevolume

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