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Every Head Size Is Different

Most of us don't consider the size and shape of our heads when getting a hairstyle. Results vary because of several factors including head shape, diameter, your own natural hairline (do you have edges 🤔), your facial structure, your height , weight and neck length. Side part, middle part, curl pattern and length of style are also determining factors. And let me not forget...your actual PERSONALITY is the biggest determining factor of how you will see your style. A stylist who doesn't know your personality cannot determine what will "look good" on you because that's a personal choice based solely on you. Please keep these factors in mind when getting Crochet Braids or any new hairstyle. #beautifulwoman #crochetbraidsbytwana #crochetbraids #selfesteem #beautyiswithin #headsize #protectivestyles #teamnatural #loveyourself #blackgirlmagic  

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